Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Woes

We have all heard stories about bad wedding photography. And maybe it wasn't 'bad' per-say but just not what you expected. I am helping a friend make her wedding pictures top notch. She wanted them done in 'my style'. Right now, she is a bride who was given a disk of all the images but can't simply go down to a print lab, make her own prints to put on her wall and be proud of them. The bottom image could be printed as a 16x20 canvas and put above her fireplace mantel and she will be so proud to look at her and her husband's wedding day and reminisce.

It would be easier to say, "Hire me, " for all of your events. But that is not physically possible as many of you live in different cities and parts of the country. I will say, "Hire me," unless you are far away but don't hesitate to have me restore your photographs for you so that you can enjoy them for years to come. When you have multiple images with simple color adjustments and flash shadow removals and prints are ordered through me, I treat them as my own photographs.

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